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klipit launches blockchain-based paperless receipt app in the UAE

by Madaline Dunn

klipit has announced the launch of its blockchain-based paperless receipt application in the UAE.

Designed as a retail application, the app provides a suite of features with secure digital receipt management to streamline the storage and access of receipts, the company said.

The company highlighted that a “critical aspect” of klipit is its data security, which, utilising blockchain technology, protects transactional data.

Its business analytics functionality, meanwhile, offers insights to help businesses optimise operations and make data-driven decisions, it outlined.

“klipit is more than a response to the market’s call for digital transformation; we’re delivering a comprehensive solution to lead it,” said Venkat Reddy, CEO of klipit.

Adding: “In the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, we’re proud to align with the nation’s vision by crafting a platform that combines efficiency with a commitment to sustainability. klipit doesn’t simply change how transactions are recorded; we’re elevating them into opportunities for enhanced customer engagement, growth, and eco-friendly leadership.”

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