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Keolis-MHI awards employee performance and commitment

by Madaline Dunn

Transportation company and the operator of Dubai Metro and Tram, Keolis MHI, recently awarded the performance and commitment of its employees at an award ceremony, held at the Mercure Dubai City Hotel.

Attended by the company’s managing director, executive team, department managers, and honoured employees, the ceremony highlighted a wide range of achievements, including “unparalleled” service standards and “exceptional performance” across various categories.

Keolis MHI shared that in 2023, it launched its Employee Recognition Program, introducing significant awards for frontline employees for the first time. 

This initiative, it said, allowed spot recognition for frontline employees through “Shukran” Cards. 

The program also included the Employee of the Month award, and Employee of the Year awards.

Wallace Weatherill, Managing Director of Keolis MHI, commented: “This ceremony aligns with KEOLIS MHI’s policy and strategic plan, which emphasizes and consolidates our culture of excellence; by honoring distinguished employees who excel at delivering on their job responsibilities. The management values employees’ efforts and I am sure they will continue to elevate Keolis MHI’s status and achieve excellence across all fields and at all levels.”

Adding: “We encourage our distinguished employees along with all Keolis MHI’s staff to continue their relentless efforts to maintain their hard work and dedication, calling on them to promote excellence. Keolis MHI is strictly committed to providing its staff with all they need to continue on the path to success.”

Amal Abdullateef, HR Director of Keolis MHI, said: “This day isn’t just about saying ‘thank you’; it’s about building a brighter tomorrow. Celebrating achievements fueled the engine of our company, inspiring everyone to push boundaries and reach new heights. We’re excited to recognize these incredible individuals today, knowing their dedication paved the way for an even more successful future.”

Teams achieving excellence were also acknowledged, with 88 employees receiving recognition for Station of the Year 2022. 

The program reached 15 per cent of Dubai Metro and Tram employees in 2023, encompassing 109 instant awards through Shukran Cards and honouring 50 Employees of the Month.

The event featured various categories, including the Employee of the Month Award for Nov – Dec 2023, Best Assessors Award, recognising an individual at Keolis MHI for their evaluations and feedback, Employees of the Year 2023, and also awarded Mariam Almarzouqi, who works in the Engineering & Maintenance Department at Keolis MHI.

Speaking about her award, Almarzouqi said: “This Award symbolizes more than my individual achievement; it represents Keolis MHI’s commitment to nurturing talent, regardless of gender. Every step I took, from Apprentice to Engineer, was guided by a shared passion for excellence, perfectly aligned with the company’s vision. Today, I stand not just as an engineer, but as a testament to the UAE’s dedication to empowering women. Just as Keolis MHI ignited my spark, I dream of inspiring the next generation. My message to young Emirati women is simple: Your dreams are possible. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Challenges can help you succeed. The UAE is full of opportunities; go after your dreams boldly.”

Meanwhile, Employees of the Year 2023 award winners included Ali Kamran Rizvi, Teresa Medina, Michelle Amandy Etorma, and Sahil Yeshawant Parab, with the ‘Bernard Tabary Excellence Award’ to Maha Al Awadhi and Arnel Pelaez Esteban.

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