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The U.A.E.’s Big Bet on Artificial Intelligence

by Madaline Dunn

A new report by the US-UAE Business Council provides a comprehensive overview of the UAE’s ambitions to consolidate its position as a global AI player.

The report outlines the details of the UAE’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031 and how it has developed over the years. 

Further, it highlights the strategy’s key objectives:

• Build a reputation as an AI destination

• Increase the U.A.E. competitive assets in priority sectors through deployment of AI

• Develop a fertile ecosystem for AI

• Adopt AI across customer services to improve lives and government

• Attract and train talent for future jobs enabled by AI

• Bring world-leading research capability to work with target industries

• Provide the data and supporting infrastructure essential to become a test bed for AI

• Ensure strong governance and effective regulation

• Export U.A.E. AI products and services to the world

It also spotlights its AI institutions, including G42, AIQ, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), Khazna, and Presight, among others.

Additionally, the report highlights U.S.-U.A.E. private sector engagement and opportunities, including those in energy and healthcare and notes that startups play a “pivotal role” in shaping the thriving AI ecosystem.

Read the full report here. 

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