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Solar, energy storage and clean energy solutions: Azzan Mohamed on what’s ahead for Middle East Energy 2024

by Madaline Dunn

With the power sector the largest contributor of emissions globally, decarbonising the energy system is critical to keeping the 1.5°C limit within reach. 

Following two successive COPs and an agreement to transition away from fossil fuels, the energy transition continues to be in the spotlight in the MENA and will be a focal point of this year’s Middle East Energy event. 

Ahead of Middle East Energy 2024, ESG Mena spoke to Azzan Mohamed, Group Exhibition Director, Energy Portfolio at Informa Markets, to hear about what’s ahead for the upcoming energy exhibition. 

Azzan, what’s new at Middle East Energy 2024?

Middle East Energy is one of the most comprehensive energy exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa, and, like every year, we have planned several new elements for 2024 that will enhance the event. 

In line with the conversations going on around the world regarding climate change and the energy transition, we have created an agenda that focuses on key topics in renewable and clean energy solutions.

The latest edition of the event is set to be one of the largest to date, spanning 14 halls where attendees will have access to more than 150 speakers across three dynamic conference stages.

Our expert panel of presenters will showcase their expertise on key issues within the energy and utility sector, such as transmission and distribution, energy storage and batteries, and grid stability and advancements.

Additionally, we have created a dedicated conference this year to push the agenda towards renewable energy and solar solutions. Established through a strategic partnership with Intersolar, leaders in photovoltaics and energy storage, the Intersolar & ees Middle East conference will help unlock opportunities within the clean energy industry. Attendees can also attend two additional conferences — The Leadership Summit and the Technical Seminar – that will provide comprehensive insights across key industry topics.

On the exhibition front, we are going to be welcoming more than 1,200 local and international companies to showcase their latest innovations and solutions in renewables, transmission, and energy consumption.

Energy storage plays a major role in the energy transition, and we are witnessing rapidly evolving technologies. What is your focus here?

In a bid to achieve targets around renewable energy, projects focused on storage have seen a big spike, with countries in the MENA region increasingly deploying energy storage solutions in their power grids. 

At Middle East Energy, we recognise the importance of bringing together global experts to drive the conversation and implement plans and policies to support the energy transition. 

This year, we are dedicated to covering all aspects of the energy ecosystem, with particular emphasis on energy storage as a hot topic of discussion, ensuring exhibitors and visitors have a platform to further discover the different technologies and innovations in the industry.

Hybrid models are gaining momentum in remote areas. How are Informa and MEE prioritising this? 

It is crucial to understand the challenges of energy accessibility, particularly in African markets. 

Many exhibitors at Middle East Energy 2024 are set to exhibit various hybrid models of energy systems, including solar-wind, solar-diesel, and wind-diesel hybrid systems, battery storage integration systems, as well as hybrid grid systems. 

By incorporating these hybrid models, we aim to address the diverse energy needs of remote areas, contributing to sustainable energy solutions and adapting to the evolving demands of the market.

And what is your focus in terms of mobile solutions?

Covering the entire energy spectrum, we recognise the growing importance of mobile solutions. Our focus includes showcasing mobile solutions as alternatives to traditional grid-based power sources. 

Exhibitors at the event will showcase transformative energy solutions such as hybrid generators with solar panels, backup fuel generators, emergency generators, and inverter technologies for regulated power output. Additionally, the event will feature solutions that utilise various fuels, such as petrol, diesel, propane, and dual-fuel options. 

By presenting a diverse range of mobile energy solutions, Middle East Energy aims to meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide insights into innovative technologies.

Different geographies require different solutions; the same applies to the MENA region. How does MEE plan to cater to the wider region?

Middle East Energy is committed to offering an immersive experience and catering to a broader audience by offering a diverse range of energy solutions that can help escalate the energy agenda in this region. With over 1,200 exhibitors from more than 90 countries, representing various technologies, strategies, and innovations across five product sectors, the event contributes to a varied sustainable energy landscape. 

The inclusive approach spans from traditional to non-traditional sources of energy, reflecting our belief in addressing a wider spectrum of needs to meet the increasing demand for energy efficiency. Furthermore, Dubai’s role as a business hub and gateway to the region facilitates easy access for companies to conduct business and share their solutions with the wider MENA region. The international audience’s growth, with visitors from around 170 countries, underscores the global appeal of Middle East Energy.

And what is your knowledge-sharing strategy for Middle East Energy 2024?

We place our conferences at the forefront to keep pace with the ever-changing energy landscape. Our three conferences each focus on different themes across three days, and we aim to ensure valuable knowledge sharing. 

The Leadership Summit, tailored for top-tier executives in the energy and utilities sector, centres around driving the power sector transformation forward. 

The Technical Seminar, exploring ideas, innovations, and solutions, offers stakeholders opportunities to discover groundbreaking advancements. The Intersolar & ees Middle East Conference, in its 8th edition, concentrates on the transformative dynamics of renewable energies, guiding the region through the energy transition. By hosting these conferences, Middle East Energy ensures attendees gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends, innovations, and solutions that will leverage the region’s status as a critical contributor to energy production.

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