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QFC Employment Standards Office hosts strategic dialogue on just transition and ESG

by Madaline Dunn

The Employment Standards Office (ESO) of the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) recently hosted a Strategic Dialogue under the theme ‘The Importance of Just Transition and Investment in Human Capital to Promote Equality and Inclusivity of Labour Practice’.

Organised in cooperation with Gulf Sustain, the inaugural session explored the concept of ‘Just Transition’ and emphasised the importance of addressing environmental and social concerns in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

The role of the private sector in driving inclusive and equitable transition planning was also underlined here.

Speaking about the event, Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer of QFC, said: “This event exemplifies the QFC’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and contributing to a future where progress goes hand in hand with inclusivity and sustainability. These values are ingrained in our strategic vision, and through initiatives that promote fairness and environmental stewardship, such as this Dialogue, we aim to take significant steps towards a brighter, more equitable tomorrow.”

The session saw participation from a number of different parties, including representatives from the QFC, Gulf Sustain, the International Labor Organisation (ILO), and the UNESCO Chair on Environmental Law and Sustainable Development and the United Nations (UN) Working Group on Business & Human Rights.

The parties discussed the ‘Just Transition and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Frameworks through the Social Lens,’ and emphasised the “critical role” of fairness, equity, and inclusivity for workers in the transition towards more sustainable economies.

Damilola Olawuyi, the UNESCO Chair on Environmental Law and Sustainable Development at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University said that the ongoing transition “raises the” need for skilled, talented and motivated workforce capable of supporting a knowledge-based economy.

Adding: “By prioritising training and capacity building programmes, companies can be better prepared to align their practices and decision-making to advance the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the Qatar National Vision 2030. This Dialogue is an important step in this regard, and we look forward to building on its evident success.”

Max Tuñón, Head of the ILO Doha Project Office, commented: “More than ever, the private sector has a vital role to play in transforming economies, safeguarding the environment, and ensuring human dignity in the workplace. We commend the efforts being made by QFC to champion new standards and practices, including due diligence within procurement processes. By giving more priority to sustainability and decent work, companies can contribute to the preservation of our planet and also promote social justice.”

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