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Saudi Arabia fortifies digital landscape by convening industry masterminds at LEAP 2024

by Madaline Dunn

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not only witnessing significant changes but also setting stage for a transformation journey. Currently, the nation strides firmly, guided by the ambitious Vision 2030. This development is a testament to the resounding success of the initiatives Saudi Arabia implemented during 2023 as well as the nation’s resolute commitment to ensure continuous economic growth.

Amid this transformative journey stands the digital economy, a towering pillar demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s pursuit of innovation and economic diversification. With strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and big data analytics, the Kingdom is not only adapting to future changes but is also poised to lead as a global technology hub.

In addition, the resolute commitment of Saudi Arabia’s government to elevate the digital economy’s contribution to nearly a fifth of the GDP by 2025 signals a seismic shift, unlocking a realm of opportunities for both tech-industry giants and startups alike. As the world watches, Saudi Arabia emerges as a global tech hub, building a path towards progress, creativity and infinite possibilities.

Amidst technological innovations, LEAP 2024, one of the foremost global technology events, stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia dedication to embracing a digital future. The event depicts the country’s commitment towards fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. Often dubbed as the ‘Digital Davos,’ LEAP 2024 holds a reputation beyond a technology event. It is a vital platform that gathers the world’s most brilliant minds to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s digital revolution.

The evolution of the Kingdom’s digital landscape vividly depicts that it is not just the cutting-edge technologies that shape the country’s trajectory but also the visionary thought leaders, companies and stakeholders driving this transformative journey. In this regard, Red Hat, a leading player in the technology sector, takes centre stage, showcasing an unwavering commitment to innovation at the core of Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation. With Red Hat as a key participant, LEAP 2024 advances its role from a mere event to a reflection of the strategic revolution that aligns seamlessly with the ambitious goal of creating a prosperous and technologically advanced Kingdom.

In light of this ambitious pursuit of Vision 2030, digital transformation takes centre stage as the government’s key enabler for progress. As part of the country’s efforts, a visionary leap occurred in 2019 with the establishment of the Saudi Authority of Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA). The move reflects the country’s commitment to spearheading responsible AI on a global scale by fostering a world-class AI ecosystem spanning both governmental and private sectors.

At the heart of this revolution, AI stands as a key catalyst reshaping industries, transcending boundaries and reshaping problem-solving paradigms. The seamless integration of AI with cloud services holds a critical role in propelling development and deployment to unprecedented heights. The hosting and management of the platform, application, and data services within the cloud create a streamlined, efficient hybrid experience. This not only aids in slashing operational costs but also simplifies the intricate process of delivering cloud-native applications. Cloud services and AI has developed an interdepended relationship, where the former acts as the backbone for continuous evolution and widespread adoption of the latter. It also opens the doors of new possibilities as well as transforms existing business practices.

The dynamic technological realm has positioned Red Hat as a pivotal innovative force in LEAP 2024. Being the world’s largest open-source company, Red Hat is not just establishing the standards for hybrid cloud capabilities but is also redefining them. Its dedication to an open hybrid cloud strategy seamlessly aligns with the Kingdom’s ambitious digital transformation journey. The disruptive technology of Red Hat is poised to empower businesses and significantly contribute to the Kingdom’s vision of becoming a global tech hub.

Over the years, LEAP has proven to be a catalyst for transformative advancements and the major companies’ commitment has set the stage for an even more dynamic event in 2024. Underscoring the Kingdom’s growing significance in the global tech ecosystem the Chinese tech giant Lenovo launched the Lenovo Centre for Creativity and Innovation project to enhance cooperation and digital transformation in the country. Additionally, the strategic partnership between Zoom, a key player in the realm of virtual communication, and Aramco to launch a Zoom cloud area in Saudi Arabia, added to the vast list of collaborative initiatives shaping the Kingdom’s technological evolution.

Along with the transformative ethos of LEAP, Saudi Arabia is forging strategic alliances with renowned firms such as Red Hat and Extreme Networks, as part of its Vision 2030 initiative. These collaborations exemplify the Kingdom’s commitment to leveraging global expertise for the enhancement of its digital and economic landscape. Currently, Saudi Arabia is not merely advancing technologically but is also emerging as a responsible advocate of AI globally. As the country positions itself at the forefront of global technological convergence, the nation is diligently laying the groundwork for a future that combines prosperity with technological advancement, signalling the impending digital era.

By Feras AL Al Shaikh, Regional Director KSA region at Red Hat

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