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Positive Zero launches new brand identity

by Madaline Dunn

Positive Zero, a decentralised decarbonisation infrastructure business headquartered in the UAE, has officially launched its new brand identity as a consolidated platform for clean distributed power generation, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility.

Positive Zero was formed through the consolidation of SirajPower, a provider of financed distributed generation in the GCC, UAE energy services company Taka Solutions, and HYPR Energy, the first mobile battery and energy storage systems provider in the region.

“The group combines the capabilities of these three verticals, offering end-to-end services with data-driven clean energy solutions at no upfront costs and providing them through a “servitisation” model that enables organisations of all types to take charge of their energy infrastructure and be part of the clean energy transition,” it said.

The launch, taking place at the Museum of the Future, follows its recent announcement of a landmark investment of up to $400 million from BlackRock’s Diversified Infrastructure team.

The investment, it was shared, will boost Positive Zero’s growth and innovation in the GCC region, where it offers a range of decarbonisation solutions, including distributed generation, energy efficiency, and clean mobility solutions. 

The launch event was attended by several high-level dignitaries and representatives of various UAE governmental entities, as well as clients of Positive Zero, local and regional business leaders, and industry professionals from the clean energy and sustainability sectors.

Speaking at the launch, David Auriau, Co-Founder and CEO of Positive Zero, said: “The conventional, carbon-emitting energy grid is turning into a clean, flexible, digital ecosystem where energy can be produced everywhere, stored, and reintroduced back into the grid. In today’s landscape, both private and public sectors, aiming to make a positive impact, are in search of versatile solutions for powering businesses, charging electric vehicles, and managing buildings more efficiently. These solutions must be practical, affordable, and seamlessly integrated into their daily operations.”

“We are just at the beginning of a time where the future of energy, our planet, and our collective lives is being reimagined. By combining the various decentralized clean energy solutions that Positive Zero offers as services without upfront investment, our clients can slash up to 70% of their carbon emissions. This was not possible until recently, and we plan to grow tenfold in the next five years to create a large-scale movement towards a more sustainable, efficient, and carbon-neutral future through innovation and collaboration,” Auriau added.

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