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Food hub “Greeneration” launches in Dubai

by Madaline Dunn

Horticulture company Greeneration has officially launched in Dubai, it has been announced.

The company specialises in the cultivation of rare crops and ingredient sourcing specifically tailored to meet the needs of the HoReCa industry.

Located in Dubai Industrial City, Greeneration is spearheaded by Roman Ulyanov, Founder and Managing Partner.

Ulyanov commented: “Our focus is on delivering an array of high-quality offerings, including microgreens, specialty greens, baby leaves and edible flowers, offering chefs and bartenders access to the freshest, locally grown ingredients. We are thrilled to introduce over 70 new types of rare crops to the UAE, grown using top production technology with hydroponic units. This enables us to produce year-round, pesticide-free crops, including some that are exclusive to Greeneration.”

Greeneration’s farm in Dubai spans thousands of square meters in Dubai Industrial City and was designed by leading agro engineers and food production professionals, it was shared.

The new facility features a multi-layer system of hydroponic equipment, certified with HACCP and ISO standards, and integrates artificial intelligence (AI).

Dozens of sensors collect data, feeding it into their generative AI application, which then analyses and refines insights, guiding the team in adjusting growing recipes and managing current cohorts based on real-time observations.

The company has the capacity to supply up to 1,200 restaurants in the city and has introduced new premium offerings, such as shiso leaves, eliminating the need for chefs to import them from Japan.

The company’s offerings also include exclusive selections such as verbena, Peruvian huacatay and oxalis.

Additionally, Greeneration offers around ten new types of specialty and edible flowers previously unavailable in the market.

Further, Greeneration will soon offer more variety, including medicinal herbs, berries, and ginseng sprouts.

Greeneration shared that it is also exploring new food concepts, including ventures into non-alcoholic beverages using organic plant sources.

“As part of our Food Hub concept, we operate on a co-creation model with our customers, particularly chefs,” said Ulyanov, adding: “We actively seek and listen to their preferences, accommodating requests that align with our commitment to a versatile and ever-evolving product range.”

Greeneration also announced the Greeneration Academy, a comprehensive sustainability training solution for schools and universities.

The Academy offers an online digital platform with over 100 hours of sustainability content, supporting in-timetable and extra-curricular teaching across multiple subjects and disciplines.

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