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ABG partners with Ad Net Zero to reduce emissions in UAE advertising sector

by Madaline Dunn

Self-regulatory non-profit organisation, the Advertising Business Group (ABG), has announced a strategic alliance with Ad Net Zero, a global initiative committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the advertising sector to decarbonise the UAE’s advertising sector.

Ad Net Zero is set to launch in the UAE with its founding supporters Google, META, Unilever, Group M, MCN, Dentsu, Publicis Groupe and Omnicom Media Group.

The announcement was made at Dubai Lynx, a MENA festival of creativity.

Ad Net Zero supporters, global, and at a national level, are required to set public science-based net zero targets, which can be done through the Science Based Targets initiative, a commitment to the UN Race to Zero (including via the SME Climate Hub), The Climate Pledge, or other comparable alternatives.

Supporters need to measure and report their progress annually.

Further, if supporters do not already have net zero targets in place, they are required to establish them within 15 months of joining Ad Net Zero.

Ad Net Zero and ABG shared that for the first three months, both teams will offer “comprehensive assistance” to supporters, including information, training, and upskilling, to facilitate a smooth start to the measurement journey.

ANZ, it was shared, offers a five-point action plan and guidance for organisations to achieve net-zero GHG emissions within the advertising sector.

Following the initial learning period, supporters will have 12 months to measure their emissions accurately and set their public science-based net zero target. Guidance and support will be provided to assist supporters in this endeavour.

Khaled AlShehhi, Executive Director of Marketing and Communication, UAE Government Media Office, commented: “With 2023 and 2024 declared as the Years of Sustainability by the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the successful culmination of COP28 in Dubai, the message is clear: Sustainability is not optional. The UAE proudly launches Ad Net Zero, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards sustainability.”

Adding: “This initiative, a project close to my professional journey in the UAE, is not just a response to a global climate emergency; it is a bold statement of our commitment in the advertising industry. Ad Net Zero empowers us to leverage our industry’s unique influence to drive meaningful change. With this launch of Ad Net Zero, it’s imperative to remember that everyone has a crucial part to play. This isn’t just an initiative for the advertising industry; it’s a universal call to action. Every individual, business, and sector can make impactful contributions toward our sustainable future. Let’s unite in this vital effort.”

Sebastian Munden, Chair of Ad Net Zero, said: “We are pleased to see the reach of Ad Net Zero grow with the launch of the UAE Chapter, which will act as the regional hub for MENA. It takes motivated people across the sectors to get momentum for launch. The ABG’s public commitment for a more sustainable future in advertising is a vital step and connects them to the global community and the Ad Net Zero tools to help facilitate this outcome.

“Motivating citizen behaviour change at scale was a topic that came up in many discussions I was part of at COP 28 in Dubai. A more sustainable and globally connected approach, from how ads are made to what they promote, can only be a good thing. There’s no time to lose.”

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