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TAQA Volt and Wadi Degla Developments partner for installation of 14 EV charging stations

by Madaline Dunn

TAQA Volt, a subsidiary of TAQA Power, the electricity operating arm of TAQA Arabia group, and Wadi Degla Developments, have announced a partnership to install over 14 EV charging stations across Wadi Degla’s real estate projects.

The initiative is a direct response to market research, which found that 40 per cent of potential EV buyers are deterred by the limited availability of charging stations, it was shared.

“With 40 % of customers hesitant to transition to EVs due to the limited number of current charging stations, this initiative perfectly aligns with our mission to expand the EV charging infrastructure in response to the escalating demand, thereby supporting Egypt’s 2030 sustainability vision,” commented Eng. Samy Abdel Kader, Managing Director of TAQA Power.

Adding: “Our collaboration with Wadi Degla Developments will entail the installation of charging stations designed to be compatible with all EVs, prioritizing durability, reliability, and user-friendliness to ensure customer satisfaction.”

The partnership highlighted results from a recent survey, which found that over 30 per cent of polled consumers plan to transition to EVs within the next five years, and 90 per cent are projected to be driving one within the next decade.

“This shift in consumer behavior towards greener mobility solutions highlights the imperative need for a robust EV charging infrastructure, a primary focus of our partnership with TAQA Arabia,” commented Raymond Ahdy, CEO of Wadi Degla Developments.

“Adding EV charging stations is a pivotal aspect of our sustainable development strategy, aligning with customer preferences for eco-friendly living solutions. This not only strengthens our commitment to sustainability but also positions our developments as contemporary and responsive to market trends,” he added.

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