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RSG commences seagrass conservation efforts

by Madaline Dunn

Red Sea Global has announced the launch of the first-ever seagrass transplantation initiative in the Red Sea. 

The company explained that seagrasses are important for both local and global marine ecosystems, providing habitats for endangered species such as Dugong (Sea Cow), Green Sea turtle, and Halavi Guitarfish, helping purify and clean water and enhancing overall water quality.

The program will train up to ten employees from its Environment and Sustainability department. 

The first pilot project was launched this month where five trainees began rescuing and transplanting seagrass meadows.

In this process, the trainees, who are expert divers, carefully removed the Seagrasses, placed them in small crates, and transferred them to their new location. 

The team will closely monitor and assess the status of the rescued seagrasses and investigate the success of the entire translocation process by evaluating the survival rate of the transplanted plants for the relocated seagrasses over a five-month period.

A key focus of the program is also raising awareness about the importance of seagrasses.

Through education on the significance of seagrasses and their role in the ecosystem, RSG shared that it hopes to garner greater support for their protection. 

In the future, the program may even open up to volunteers to help with monitoring.

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