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Bahrain: Edamah and Badia Farms partner for new agricultural project

by Madaline Dunn

Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company (Edamah), the real estate arm of the Kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (Mumtalakat), has announced a strategic partnership with Badia Farms, which will see several million dollars invested in a new sustainable farm in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Badia Farms focuses on the development and production of different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and plants and was the first commercial high-tech vertical farm in the Gulf region to produce fresh fruits & vegetables year-round. 

Its objective is to transform conventional farm growing methods across the GCC through technology, science and innovation, it was shared. 

Badia Farms secured the land for its project in Hamala, Bahrain, through a bidding process on the Government Land Investment Platform.

Under the agreement, Badia Farms will lease an area of 50,000 sq.m. from Edamah to implement sustainable and urban farming practices.

It will produce a diverse range of fresh fruit and vegetables by implementing the latest hydroponic farming techniques. 

It will recycle water and biodegradable matter for reuse in the project, while solar panels will be used to generate energy.

Utilising hydroponic systems in controlled environments (such as greenhouses), the company said it will be able to ensure year-round crop production, reducing dependence on seasonal variations, with the overarching aim of enhancing Bahrain’s food security and addressing the challenges of limited arable land and water scarcity.

The agreement was signed by Chris Calvert and Eng. Omar Al Jundi, the CEOs of Edamah and Badia Farms respectively, in the presence of Her Excellency Noor bint Ali Al Khulaif, Minister for Sustainable Development and CEO of the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), His Excellency Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of Mumtalakat and Chairman of Edamah, Mohammed Alhassan and Pankaj Gupta – co-Founders and co-CEOs of Gulf Islamic Investments Group (GII) – and Saleh Albelushi, a Green Corp director.

His Excellency Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, CEO of Mumtalakat and Chairman of Edamah, commented: “This collaboration with Badia Farms marks a transformative step for Bahrain’s agricultural sector, contributing to the Kingdom’s long-term economic growth. It will contribute to Bahrain’s self-sufficiency in food production by using cutting-edge technologies for a greener future, whilst creating employment and business opportunities for Bahrainis.”

Adding: “This foreign direct investment on Edamah’s land, channeled specifically towards innovative agricultural practices, showcases our confidence in Badia Farms’ approach and underscores the potential for further growth and development within the sector.”

Eng Omar Al Jundi said: “Our partnership with Edamah allows Badia Farms to bring pioneering hydroponic farming techniques to Bahrain, redefining sustainable agriculture. Together, we aim to build a resilient food system, focusing on environmental management and food security.”

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