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‘Strategic Thinking’ session convened for DOF’s journey towards Ajman Vision 2030

by Madaline Dunn

The Strategy and Project Management Office at the Ajman Department of Finance recently convened a ‘Strategic Thinking’ session, which aimed to formulate a new strategy aligned with the recently launched Ajman 2030 Vision.

At the session, participants identified future challenges and requirements, analysed trends impacting government financial projects, established long-term goals and priorities and developed an action plan to ensure innovative and distinctive financial performance and service delivery.

This session, led by His Excellency Marwan Al Ali, Director General of the Department, was attended by directors, managers, and staff from various departments, sought to anticipate future steps and make impactful decisions for enhancing work methods and achieving sustainable positive outcomes in service delivery.

It hosted discussions on strategic topics, including identifying challenges related to capabilities, infrastructure, and potential obstacles to realising ambitions.

Participants also analysed global, regional, and local trends and risks and explored concepts and principles for optimising government spending efficiency.

Further, the session aimed to develop strategic options that could be adopted or proposed to enhance financial sustainability in the emirate, and utilised the comprehensive Business Model Canvas, conducting a strategic SWOT analysis based on balanced performance axes, and analysing and generating strategies while selecting the most suitable ones according to the TOWS matrix.

His Excellency Marwan Al Ali commented: “We are committed to fostering innovation and envisioning a transformative future, and in the upcoming phase, we aim for our solutions to be proactive, adaptable, distinct, and aligned with the objectives of Ajman Vision 2030. Strategic thinking is pivotal in achieving this objective, enabling us to anticipate forthcoming changes and challenges, analyse future scenarios, and enhance the Department’s agility in responding creatively. It also facilitates informed strategic decision-making and serves as a robust tool for conducting comprehensive assessments of available resources, optimising their utilisation efficiently. Furthermore, it aids in understanding and exceeding customer expectations by identifying their evolving needs.”

The strategic thinking session served as a platform to align the efforts of departmental units, offices, and divisions in crafting the new strategic plan while also supporting the advancement of development plans and programmes aimed at continuous improvement within the government sector and achieving the emirate’s strategic objectives.

Additionally, the session aimed to foster a collaborative environment within the Department to devise more effective solutions, establish common goals, and develop a clear roadmap for their realisation.

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