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Cigna Healthcare organises health checks for workers

by Madaline Dunn

Cigna Healthcare recently organised a series of health checks and information sessions to support manual and low-paid workers in the UAE.

The global health services company shared that the sessions supported hundreds of workers in understanding their health insurance benefits, rights, and the importance of health checkups and health and safety in the workplace.

Under the initiative, Cigna Healthcare teamed up with LVL Wellbeing to conduct wellness checkups for over 200 participants working in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance across Dubai.

The sessions included stress assessments and comprehensive health evaluations.

One session was dedicated to workers largely from the mechanics sector, where health screenings for blood pressure and blood sugar levels were offered.

In partnership with primary healthcare provider Right Health, Cigna also facilitated discussions on workplace safety, including hazards like welding fumes and lead dust.

Both events were supported by the Community Development Authority and SmartLife, a non-governmental organisation that works with working communities in the UAE.

Leah Cotterill, the Chief Distribution Officer for Cigna Healthcare Middle East, commented: ‘These events were more than just health checkups. They were about connecting, sharing knowledge, and reinforcing that we’re all in this together. They underscore our mission to enhance the health and vitality of the people we serve, helping them create a better future and achieve their physical, mental, financial, or social health goals. It’s about more than just healthcare; it’s about building a community of support and compassion.’

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