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Lootah Biofuels reaffirms commitment to UAE National Policy on Biofuels

by Madaline Dunn

Lootah Biofuels has reaffirmed its commitment to contributing to achieving the objectives of the recently approved National Policy on Biofuels.

The policy, approved by the UAE Cabinet, was developed by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) in coordination with strategic partners from the public and private sectors, including Lootah Biofuels. It is aimed at increasing the consumption of biodiesel by 20 per cent by 2050.

Lootah Biofuels also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MoEI. This MoU is aimed at fostering collaboration in developing, promoting, and utilising biofuels through coordinating efforts in the field of research and development (R&D) to explore and develop the biofuels market in the UAE and exchange knowledge and technical expertise.

The MoU will also see the organisation of workshops and seminars for stakeholders in the sector and facilitate the exchange of data related to biofuel production and distribution.

Yousif bin Saeed Lootah, Founder and CEO of Lootah Biofuels, commented: “The UAE national policy on biofuels is a milestone in our efforts to enhance sustainability and circular economy, a matter which strengthens the UAE’s global position in leading initiatives to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the COP28, hosted by the country last year. We are cooperating with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) to support clean energy and biofuels strategies to achieve the ambitious objectives of the UAE Net Zero 2050”.

Lootah Biofuels’s CEO explained that the company began producing biofuels from used cooking oil in 2010, turning what he said is “considered a burden on the environment and public health” into a product that “promotes sustainability.”

“The collection and recycling initiatives contribute to reducing pollution, conserving resources, and reducing the negative environmental impacts associated with the disposal of used cooking oil as waste. Our success is one of the fruits of the vision of our wise leadership, which encourages us to innovate and take initiative,” he said.

Adding: “The national policy on biofuels motivates the sector as a whole to intensify efforts in achieving its goal of increasing the share of biodiesel to 20% of total consumption in the country by 2050.”

Currently, Lootah Biofuels’ annual production stands at six million litres; it aims to increase this by opening a new plant in Abu Dhabi.

The company noted that it has built a network of partners to supply it with used cooking oil for recycling and biofuel production. The top ten partners contribute around 300 thousand litres of used cooking oil monthly. Further, it shared that more than 200 companies use biofuels in their fleets.

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