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Fils and AFS Partner to Drive MENA’s Sustainable Digital Transformation

by Madaline Dunn

Fils, a UAE-based enterprise-grade digital infrastructure provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Arab Financial Services (AFS), a digital payment solutions provider and fintech enabler in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region to drive sustainable digital transformation in the region.

The partnership will leverage Fils’s fintech technology and AFS’s expertise and digital payments specialism, integrating sustainability into businesses’ operations, customer journeys, and financial transactions.

With AFS serving over 60 clients across more than 20 countries in the MEA region and offices in Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, and the UAE, the partnership will enable a significant proportion of banks, financial institutions, and organisations in the region to track and mitigate their emissions, it was shared.

Further, it was shared that the collaboration will explore opportunities to introduce sustainable financial products, with a specific focus on Islamic Credit Cards. 

Fils and AFS will also collaborate to enhance customer journeys by providing “eco-friendly and sustainable” options for electronic payments. 

This includes developing user-friendly interfaces that promote responsible consumer choices and a positive environmental impact, the two parties shared. 

Samer Soliman, CEO of AFS, commented: “We are proud to join forces with Fils in a strategic partnership to drive sustainable solutions within the digital payments landscape. This collaboration directly supports our ESG strategic goals by accelerating their implementation. As a leading digital payments provider, we embrace the responsibility to drive sustainability not only for ourselves but also empower our partners and clients to achieve their own environmental ambitions.”

Nameer Khan, CEO of Fils, said: “By combining our advanced digital infrastructure with AFS’s leadership in electronic payments outsourcing, we have a unique opportunity to drive positive change across industries in the MENA region. Our shared commitment to sustainability and climate action will not only transform business operations but also redefine the landscape of responsible finance in the region and beyond.”

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