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PureHealth launches mental health services platform Sakina

by Madaline Dunn

PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, has announced the launch of Sakina, a mental health services platform.  

Sakina offers a wide array of services, including outpatient mental health hubs, neurodiversity centres, inpatient institutes, specialised satellite clinics, and home care. 

It was shared that these services will enable customisation of specialised psychiatry services for diverse populations, from initial screening and early intervention to the complete rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals. 

The secondary and tertiary care services will be offered to assist at-risk populations, including the elderly, children, people of determination, women’s mental health, and those struggling with addiction and eating disorders.

Sakina will also be offered through digital companion Pura, PureHealth’s comprehensive, personalised AI-enabled longevity app, tailored to offer curated care and support, monitoring and tracking, as well as tertiary care provision. This includes a full spectrum of psychiatry services for addicts, geriatrics, people of determination, and children.

 Dr Zain Al Yafai, CEO of Sakina, explained that Sakina’s purpose is to make holistic mental healthcare “accessible at all levels” within the UAE.  

“By harnessing SEHA’s comprehensive network of clinics and hospitals and cutting-edge digital technologies, providing a spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services from home care and therapies to catering to those with additional needs, Sakina has adopted a model of mental healthcare delivery that is embedded in the communities and that substantively supports all individuals, including the most vulnerable, in their pursuit of care that can meet them wherever they are—at home, on the move, and right in their communities.”

The Sakina network will be supported by 34 satellite clinics, two mental health hubs, two specialised neurodiversity centres, and nine integrated clinics.

Sakina will also staff over 500 clinical professionals, including physicians, allied health staff, and Sakina-trained nurses, along with 77 administrative support staff. 

Psychiatric assistance and resources will be accessible through a tiered care approach, focusing on children and adolescents between 0 to 10 and 10 and 18, respectively, and adults (including seniors) across the life span of all mental health concerns.

Shaista Asif, Group Chief Executive Officer at PureHealth, said: “Mental health is not only an essential facet of community, it is a major component of non-communicable diseases and is a key factor affecting life expectancy, which is why at PureHealth, in line with our vision of longevity, we are focusing on giving equal, if not more, importance to taking care of our mental well-being alongside our physical well-being. 

“The mind is one frontier which is still largely undiscovered and is a critical part of a holistic approach to social health and happiness. Therefore, a focused approach in bringing the best-in-class care in this field will ensure we as a nation promote a society where mental well-being is at the core of our population. We recognise the importance of nurturing a robust and all-encompassing healthcare systems that caters to the holistic needs of our community, which includes mental health services and as such, Sakina will offer consultation liaison to bridge the gap between mental health and physical health.”

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