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Honeywell and Volts UAE Announce Strategic Partnership for Upcoming Gigafactory

by Madaline Dunn

Honeywell and Volts UAE, an Abu Dhabi-based energy storage producer, have announced they have joined forces for the first gigafactory in Abu Dhabi focused on delivering battery cells for Residential Energy Storage Systems (RESS). The gigafactory is projected to be complete by the end of 2026.

The partnership will see Honeywell serve as a key technological partner for Volts, providing advanced solutions for equipment and software, with a focus on factory automation, digitalisation and closed-loop control systems.

George Bou Mitri, VP and GM of Honeywell Industrial Automation in MENA, commented: “This collaboration with Volts will serve to further the nation’s drive toward sustainable and renewable sources of energy and support the realization of the closing agreement at COP28, which helped lay the framework for an equitable energy transition.”

Meanwhile, Andrey Kozhevin, Managing Partner of Volts UAE Ltd. said: “Our great strategic partnership with Honeywell, which brings years of experience in gigafactory automation worldwide, plays a key role in guaranteeing the project launches on schedule and at the highest innovation standards.

“This year marks the UAE’s second year of sustainable development, aligning with the president’s directives and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050. By attracting top talent and best-in-class equipment to the first gigafactory project, we are confident in building a sustainable future with a reliable product made right here in the Emirates.”

Vladimir Mlynchik, Founder of Volts UAE Ltd., added: “Honeywell is one of the world’s automation and energy transition technology leaders, with deep expertise across critical economic sectors, including the provision of energy. We are proud to be partnering with Honeywell on our gigafactory project, and are convinced that our joint efforts will accelerate the region’s efforts to lead a long-term, sustainable energy transition.”

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