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Sprudel & The Storey Group Partner for Sprudel Mangrove Forest

by Madaline Dunn

Water purification company Sprudel has announced that it is partnering with business consultancy firm The Storey Group to realise the Sprudel Mangrove Forest initiative, planting 100 mangrove trees.

Shawn Green, Sprudel’s Founder & Managing Director, explained that mangrove trees act as a carbon bank and capture four times more carbon than rainforests. The trees also contain the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. 

Over its 100-year and longer lifespan, a single mangrove tree is estimated to remove 308kg (0.3 tonnes) of CO2 from the atmosphere, it was noted.

“By planting these 100 mangroves, we’re helping remove approximately 1.23 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere a year,” said Green. 

“This initiative complements our on-the-ground activities, from spreading eco-awareness to inspiring behavioural and economic change with locally-manufactured water filtration solutions. Individually, our actions already impact the environment, but by keeping the bigger picture in mind and understanding how it affects us all, we can collectively make a positive difference. The Sprudel Mangrove Forest stands as a testament to this potential,” commented Green.

Moreover, Green called for companies of all sizes to consider the daily environmental impact, both direct and indirect. 

“Transitioning away from single-use plastic with a sustainable alternative is a crucial step forward. Everything we do is a small snippet of a bigger picture, so let’s all act with sharp intention and foresight,” added Green. 

It was shared that the Sprudel Mangrove Forest aligns with The Storey Group’s One Billion Trees Planting Initiative (OBTI), a global initiative that aims to plant one billion trees by 2025. 

“The world produces 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Decarbonisation is now the biggest challenge facing humanity. To reach zero carbon, we need innovation, collaboration, and action. By planting one billion trees, we can play our part. Let’s do this together. Future generations and our planet depend on us,” said Karen Storey, OBTI Founder and Project Director.

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