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Plant-Based Meat Company Planted Enters UAE

by Madaline Dunn

Plant-based meat company Planted has announced it has officially entered the UAE and Middle East food service market.

The company shared that it has introduced its presence among key players in the UAE food service and HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) market, with a view to roll out further partners by the end of 2024.

Current Planted partners in the UAE include all locations of restaurant brands such as Nabati and Pizza Di Rocco, as well as supermarket chains like Grandiose Supermarket.

At Nabati, a multi-cuisine vegan restaurant, Planted shared that its products will be incorporated into its Chicken Caesar Salad and Chicken Alfredo.

Elsewhere, at Italian pizzeria Pizza Di Rocco, Planted’s plant-based meat will be used on its Vegan Tikka Pizza.

Meanwhile, at Grandiose Supermarket, Planted products will feature across a number of offerings at the outlet, including:

  • Plant-based Chicken Shawarma Wrap,
  • Plant-based BBQ Chicken Ciabatta,
  • Plant-based BBQ Chicken Pizza,
  • Plant-based Kung Pau with White Rice and
  • Plant-based Mexican Chicken with Brown Rice and Salsa.

Pascal Bieri, the Co-Founder and Executive Board Member of Planted, commented: “Our exclusive distribution partnership enables us to access important foodservice markets in the UAE and Middle East region and effectively plan future scaling.

“We are positive about the growth potential for plant-based protein in the Middle East and aim to radically alter the way in which meat is perceived, produced and consumed in the region, while inspiring meat eaters to gradually shift towards eating plant proteins with no sacrifice in terms of taste or usage.”

According to Planted, it aims to partner with other food service entities in the UAE, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, QSRs (Quick-service restaurants), entertainment, and independent operators in the hospitality industry.

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