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WiSER Completes Latest Instalment of WiSER Cares Program

by Madaline Dunn

Global initiative Women in Sustainability, Environment, and Renewable Energy (WiSER) has completed the latest instalment of its WiSER Cares program. The five-day course, titled “Adaptive Agriculture: Innovations in Technology and Practice for Water-Scarce Communities,” took place in Marrakesh, Morocco. It formed part of WiSER’s multidisciplinary program to engage members in sustainable community development, it was shared.

The course convened 13 WiSER Pioneers and five Moroccan professionals and focused on addressing three core climate challenges facing the agriculture sector:

  • Water scarcity, 
  • Soil degradation and erosion, and 
  • The threat posed by invasive pests and diseases. 

Participants in the program attended lectures and practical exercises, including site visits to farms, research centres, and agribusinesses, and concluded with workshops on planting and harvesting and a demonstration of how solar energy can be harnessed for water pumping and conservation. Participants also visited the Museum of the Water Civilization in Marrakesh, which focused on traditional water management and community engagement.

Dr. Lamya Fawwaz, Masdar’s Executive Director of Brand and Strategic Initiatives and WiSER Program Director, commented: “We are proud to offer the WiSER Cares course in Morocco as part of Masdar’s long-running effort to empower and equip young women with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their communities and the world in building a more sustainable future.”

“Through our core pillars of education, engagement and empowerment, WiSER Cares aims to provide courses that enhance the practical, theoretical and leadership skills of women through cultural exchange and building connections through a sustainability lens that works to accelerate the clean energy transition in rural off-grid communities,” added Dr. Fawwaz.

WiSER was established by Masdar and the Zayed Sustainability Prize, with the WiSER Pioneers program launching in 2018. The year-long program is hosted annually and offers women from across the world, aged 25 to 35, access to bespoke educational workshops and global networking opportunities focused on sustainability leadership.

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