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Deliveroo UAE launches Respect Pledge

by Madaline Dunn

Deliveroo UAE has announced the launch of the Respect Pledge, a first-of-its-kind industry initiative aimed at fostering positive relationships between riders and restaurant, grocery, and retail partners.

The company outlined that the fundamental principles of the pledge include:

  • Treating everyone with dignity,
  • Fostering transparent communication,
  • Ensuring access to necessary facilities, and
  • Working collaboratively towards operational excellence.

Since launching, the initiative has garnered support from nearly 40 partners who have signed the pledge, it was shared.

Anis Harb, General Manager at Deliveroo Middle East, commented: “At Deliveroo, we believe that success and excellence in delivery service is achieved when all stakeholders – partners, riders, and customers – collaborate effectively.

“We’re proud to introduce the Respect Pledge, which was supported by many of our partners, to set together a new industry standard for rider welfare and operational excellence. By introducing the Respect Pledge, we aim to ensure our riders feel supported, valued and recognised.”

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