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SDG Global, Planetiers forge partnership to accelerate sustainable innovation

by Mohammad Ghazal

European sustainability organisation Planetiers has announced it has signed a collaboration protocol with Dubai-based SDG Global to increase innovation and investment in sustainable projects between Portugal and the UAE. This new partnership comes on the back of the 15th annual Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which was attended by Planetiers CEO Sérgio Ribeiro. Headquartered in Portugal, Planetiers is a global movement inspiring organisations and individuals to play their part in shaping a sustainable future for all.
This agreement represents an important collaboration between the two organisations who will now work together on global initiatives in preparation for COP28, which takes place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023. Planetiers and SDG Global are committed to driving synergies that will unite these two major international ecosystems of governmental players, companies, innovators and investors. The goal of the two groups is to increase innovation and investment in sustainable projects, further advancing the journey towards achieving the balance needed for a greener, fairer and more inclusive economic transition.
In recent years, the UAE has been reinventing itself and investing significantly in solutions to tackle climate change. This has resulted in a considerable focus on water consumption efficiency, renewable energy production, agri-food production and in urban planning for greater resilience of cities and local communities.
Planetiers and SDG Global will soon unveil a set of ambitious initiatives aimed at accelerating the creation and growth of new solutions for a more sustainable and regenerative society. Recent statistics from an updated UAE climate change report shows that the region aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 31 percent, as part of their nationally determined contribution (NDC). Similarly, a study from Europa.EU dictates that if Europe is to reach its own NDC target by 2050, the continent will have to reduce emissions by at least 55 percent.
Speaking about this partnership, Ribeiro said: “It is from relationships like this that we will truly accelerate sustainable innovation processes and scale up the implementation of projects. It is fundamental to implement new models, technologies and new businesses, especially at a time of such urgency for the planet to rebalance and regenerate.”
Commenting on the signing of the protocol, Alanoud Alhashmi, CEO of SDG Global, said: “As the most prominent international private sector-led sustainability summit, we are honoured to partner with Planetiers and bring the ecosystem to the UAE. As we approach COP28 and the world begins to take action to solve pressing global challenges, we firmly believe that the Planetiers ecosystem will serve to cement the UAE’s position as a global epicentre of economic empowerment and sustainable innovation.”

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