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Solar Quote Revolutionises Solar Accessibility and Affordability in the US

by Mohammad Ghazal
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Solar Quote Inc., a leading innovator in the solar industry, is proud to announce its groundbreaking direct-to-consumer (DTC) platform, aimed at revolutionising solar accessibility and providing affordable solar solutions for homeowners across the country.

With the mission to make solar accessible to all, Solar Quote’s state-of-the-art platform eliminates barriers and simplifies the solar purchase and installation journey. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Solar Quote provides homeowners with a convenient and cost-effective pathway to embracing solar energy.

Solar Quote’s DTC platform is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and an innovative finance decision engine. By automating key processes such as finance, adding energy storage and creating a solar panel layout, Solar Quote streamlines the entire solar installation experience. Homeowners can choose how they buy solar, which results in significant cost savings of up to 20-30% compared to the national average.

Additionally, the finance decision engine is designed to cater to the unique finance requirements of homeowners, presenting them with a range of personalised loan options that are both flexible and affordable. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Solar Quote’s online platform facilitates credit approval for homeowners within minutes. Thanks to this simplified and efficient online financing process, homeowners can now make informed decisions regarding solar financing for their installations.

One of the key features of Solar Quote is its focus on accuracy and speed. Through sophisticated design tools and AI-driven technology, Solar Quote ensures precise and customised end-to-end solar solutions for its customers. This speeds up the solar installation process significantly, making it a convenient and a hassle-free experience for each homeowner.

Quote from Justin Brach, CEO:
“At Solar Quote, we are committed to commoditising green energy solutions, empowering individuals to go direct to consumers and make sustainable choices accessible to the masses.”

Solar Quote is also revolutionising the solar industry by providing an easy, white-label solution for installers looking to approach homeowners directly instead of through an extended sales process. The platform offers a separate site/landing page to sell their solar installation services online.This truly represents how SaaS(Software As A Service) platforms like Solar Quote are helping transform the solar industry by employing technology to do the heavy lifting instead of homeowners.

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