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Sunset Hospitality Group collaborates with Buthaina Al Shamsi in hosting a sustainability conversation

by Mohammad Ghazal

To celebrate Emirati Women’s Day and in line with the UAE President’s vision for 2030 as the Year of Sustainability, Sunset Hospitality Group partners with UAE National Buthaina Al Shamsi, an Electrical Engineer, artist, and sustainability advocate with a Green Touches certification, to host a talk on Sustainability.

Emirati women from SHG gathered for an idea-sharing session led by Al Shamsi to exchange insights on making a positive impact at work and home. Buthaina is the first female in Dubai’s water SCADA databases system, and she strives to practice sustainability in all areas of her life.

Buthaina revealed insights from her personal experiences which led her to positive change, inspiring SHG’s Emirati women colleagues to make an impact on their communities and the environment. She shared her inspirational journey to becoming a sustainable artist and how she recycles pre-loved dolls and transforms them into pieces of art, using eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials, ‘’I use my art to spread gentle messages about recycling. I believe dolls play an essential role in nurturing children’s creativity, and by teaching recycling techniques at a young age, we’re introducing them to their sustainable future.’’

The idea that sustainability goes beyond environmental challenges was presented – the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals), the global framework established by the United Nations to address social, economic, and environmental challenges by 2030. ‘’Some of the SDGs include recycling, gender equality, reducing poverty, and economic growth. I do my part by focusing on empowering individuals – small creators and small businesses. This is achieved through volunteering efforts and by strengthening the community as a whole,’’ added Buthaina.

Tips on how to get more involved were shared, including recycling at work and at home, as well as volunteering opportunities with Surge and Water Alliance organization. She also expressed her aspiration to volunteer at COP28.

Throughout the talk, participants gained invaluable insights into how individuals and organizations can work together to drive positive change, contributing to a more sustainable future.

’I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Sunset Hospitality Group for Emirati Women’s Day, in inspiring women of my community to create, collaborate, and innovate in a sustainable way,’’ closed Buthaina.

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