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WILD signs MoU with United Nations Global Compact Network Saudi Arabia 

by Madaline Dunn

WILD – Women in Leadership Deliver, the GCC-based female networking platform, has signed a significant MoU that forms a new partnership with the United Nations Global Compact Network Saudi Arabia to drive forward SDG5 gender equality in the Kingdom, aligning with the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives.

Since its launch in KSA in 2022, WILD has made a positive impact across the female leadership space in the Kingdom. Establishing its foundation in the UAE in 2018, WILD has cemented itself as a credible and popular platform for female leadership, across industries. WILD offers coaching, leadership training, events and the WILD Women Collective membership with an emphasis on combining leadership and wellbeing for attendees and stakeholders.

Through this groundbreaking new alliance, WILD and the UNGC, KSA are joining forces to amplify the voices of women leaders, drive transformative change, and champion the advancement of women across the region. The partnership aims to create a powerful platform where women can connect, inspire, and support each other on their leadership journeys.

As part of the partnership, WILD will actively contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to gender equality and women’s empowerment. Through targeted programs and initiatives, WILD and the UNGC, KSA will work hand in hand to ensure that women have equal opportunities to thrive in leadership positions, contribute to decision-making processes, and shape the future.

Saudi Arabia has made tremendous progress in empowering its working women. Offering inclusive environments and leadership opportunities for all. As the nation diversifies its economy, gender equality is a core component of this diversification and huge trajectory of the growth anticipated.

Women in KSA are leading the way across multiple sectors. The technology industry has a higher female participation rate than other regions globally. Saudi women overranked European women standing at 28% compared to 17.5% in Europe. Entrepreneurship is of huge interest to those looking to start up their own ventures and KSA is ranked the 3rd highest of women holding entrepreneurship roles globally.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the United Nations Global Compact Network Saudi Arabia,” said Emma Burdett, Founder and CEO of WILD. “This collaboration represents a bold step forward in our mission to empower women leaders worldwide. Together, we will break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.”

The WILD vision and mission is set to influence many lives over the coming years through its female leadership community, leadership programs, events and initiatives. WILD will be utilising Saudi talent in alignment with the vision requirements and to be relevant to local needs. The joint intention and mission of WILD and the UNGC is to prepare leaders and equip coaches in KSA with the guidance and knowledge of leading WILD programs locally.

“As a Saudi female leader, I appreciate the direction and the realization efforts of Saudi Vision 2030 to empower Saudi women. Moreover, I understand that the journey isn’t easy; and it doesn’t begin/stop at landing a senior role, but it’s a combination of little and major steps with so many conversations in between that women need to realize and be prepared for. For that, I’m glad to announce the partnership between UN Global Compact Saudi Arabia and WILD to deliver a range of organizational programs that will help businesses identify the gap of female leadership, create the right governance and culture for growing female leadership, and bridge local and global networks to share success stories and best practices. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with WILD driven by their passionate leader and founder, Emma Burdett ”, said Maryam Telmesani, Board Chair of Global Compact Network Saudi Arabia. 

“I feel privileged to be immersed in the female leadership landscape in KSA. I am impressed by the level of intelligence, ambition, and talent of the women I have had the pleasure of engaging with. I am proud to be at the helm, providing a platform for women’s voices, whilst offering unique and valuable learning experiences. This exciting MoU with the UNGC will not only provide world class leadership solutions for women in the region, but also to utilise Saudi talent in alignment with the vision requirements and to be relevant to local needs”, continued Emma Burdett, Founder and CEO of WILD.

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