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Merex Investment launches initiative to nurture green revolution among students

by Madaline Dunn

Merex Investment has announced that it has launched a six-month sustainability programme at its lifestyle destinations, City Walk and The Beach, JBR, with the aim of engaging young people and artists to envision a more environmentally conscious future.

Merex Investment’s destinations, it said, offer students and artists a platform to collaborate and spread the message of a “greener future”, on a larger scale.

Students from educational institutions across Dubai will be working closely with local sustainability artists to bring their artistic visions to life using only waste and recycled materials.

Their one-of-a-kind pieces will be displayed across City Walk and The Beach, JBR.

During the six-month program, students will receive the necessary knowledge and resources to catalyse efforts to confront urgent global environmental issues.

The institutions will join forces with renowned local eco-artists, known for using art as their voice to promote environmental awareness. Together, they’re set to craft installations using recycled materials.

Additionally, a boot camp featuring workshops and interactive sessions will be conducted to enhance students’ understanding of recycling and sustainable practices.

These sessions will be led by experts and are aimed at cultivating an understanding and appreciation for the environment, encouraging students to embrace methods for its preservation.

The primary focus of the initiative is to tackle urban waste and marine pollution.

“At Merex Investment, our initiatives resonate with the United Nations’ 14th Sustainable Development Goal, emphasising the crucial need to preserve oceans, seas, and marine resources in a sustainable manner. It also harmonises with the UAE leadership’s vision to establish the nation as a global pioneer in green technologies, export, and the maintenance of an environmentally sustainable ecosystem to foster a ‘green economy for sustainable development’. Our comprehensive strategy is centered around amplifying awareness and igniting proactive measures, nurturing a profound understanding of everyone’s pivotal role in upholding the planet’s sustainability. Collaborating with artists and educational institutions, we want to actively promote sustainable practices. We firmly believe that education and awareness serve as the cornerstones for building a more eco-conscious and resilient future,” said Shahram Shamsaee, CEO, Merex Investment.

The initiative will launch in November and focus on collecting material for the artworks in the first two months, followed by the installation build phase with the artists and the interactive workshops in 2024.

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