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RAW Coffee Company shares its support initiatives for Palestinian artists and entrepreneurs

by Madaline Dunn

RAW Coffee Company has shared news of its ongoing initiatives aimed at empowering Palestinian artisans and business owners. 

This is spearheaded by the company’s leader, Kim Thompson, the Owner and Managing Director of RAW Coffee Company, as well as the Co-Founder behind the establishment of Artisans of Palestine.

Speaking about the drive behind this, Kim Thompson shared a “pivotal” 2019 journey to Palestine: “That trip marked a significant chapter in my personal and professional life. The resilience of the Palestinian people, their rich history, and the daily challenges they face under occupation deeply touched me. The ancient olive groves and the vibrant cultural fabric of the land resonated with me, inspiring my commitment to actively support Palestinian artisans.”

The company began hosting pop-up events to support Palestinian enterprises in 2021. 

This began with an event in June that brought together Palestinian artists, poets, and musicians and a similar event was held in 2022. 

More structured pop-up events have also taken place, involving guests like Mishkah, Fyrouzi, Rula fashion, Reham (artist), Heba’s Closet, and showcasing Artisans of Palestine’s goods made in Palestine. 

These events, including comedy and music nights, the company said, have both raised awareness about the occupation and also been “crucial in supporting the Palestinian artisans economically.”

Kim Thompson, alongside Lisa Dale, established Artisans of Palestine to bridge the gap between Palestinian artisans and the global market, including the UAE. 

Together with Artisans of Palestine, RAW has organised numerous events at their venue, providing a platform for Palestinian artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and engage in meaningful dialogues.

Lisa Dale is also the founder of The Palestine Hub, an organisation based in Beit Sahour that focuses on business networking and support, aiding Palestinian businesses to connect with partners in the UAE and beyond. 

The Hub’s work spans various industry sectors, facilitating growth and success for Palestinian-owned businesses.

Looking ahead, RAW Coffee Company shared it will announce further upcoming events, including a fundraiser for Palestine in collaboration with NASAB – LOWE on November 19th and a pop-up event on December 2nd and 3rd featuring numerous Palestinian businesses and Artisans of Palestine.

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