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Sharjah Chamber granted Silver Category Impact Medal by National CSR Fund

by Madaline Dunn

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SSCI) has been granted the Silver Category Impact Medal as part of the National CSR Fund (Majra) Awards, in recognition of its role and practices as a socially responsible institution.

The Impact Medal is a national commendation issued by the National CSR Fund to honour UAE companies and institutions leading in the field of social responsibility and sustainable impact.

It recognises entities that operate in accordance with environmental and social sustainability standards, right governance, sustainable development goals, and national priorities.

At the event, it was underlined that the Chamber has made diverse contributions to social responsibility under its strategy to support the business sector while promoting positive practices that fuel a sustainable economy.

This, it was said, is in line with the sustainable development goals of fostering an innovative, stimulating, and sustainable environment and enhancing future-oriented capacities.

During the ceremony, Iman Al Hammadi, Vice President of the Chamber’s Social Responsibility Department, received the award on behalf of the Chamber.

The ceremony, organised by the National CSR Fund in Dubai, was also attended by numerous government and private sector institutions that have displayed high standards of excellence and innovation in implementing social responsibility and sustainability programmes.

The SCCI said that it strives to achieve commercial and economic sustainability and make Sharjah a global hub with a competitive, sustainable, and knowledge-based economy by facilitating the growth of business sectors and boosting capacities while applying international best practices.

To accomplish this, it said, the Chamber embraces values that reflect its focus on consolidating sustainability practices, spreading institutional governance, encouraging the adoption of quality standards, and increasing the responsibility of private sector enterprises towards society.

Jamal Saeed Buzangal, Director of the Media Department at the Chamber, noted that the SCCI has adopted a strategic goal for advancing social responsibility and sustainable practices within Sharjah’s business ecosystem.

This strategy involves strengthening and raising awareness of social responsibility and inviting private sector companies to contribute to initiatives organised by government departments and institutions.

He highlighted the Chamber’s work in this arena, notably, the launching of the Social Responsibility Platform and the designation of a social responsibility category for public and private enterprises under the Sharjah Excellence Award, which the SCCI sponsors.

Further, the Chamber said it garners support for SME owners through the Tijarah 101 Centre and by launching innovative community development initiatives aimed at improving quality of life indicators and promoting societal well-being.

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