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Terra challenges international sustainability adventurer to journey across the 7 Emirates on electric bike without a single charge

by Madaline Dunn

TERRA TECH Ltd. (Terra), a UAE-based mobility startup, recently challenged Ali Abdo, traveller, adventurer, and Guinness World Records holder, to carry out the last stage of his ‘Ride to COP28,’ across the seven Emirates using Terra’s electric motorbike without a single charge.

The challenge is part of an initiative to raise awareness of the sustainable transportation that Terra’s battery-swapping solutions offer to last-mile delivery businesses and eco-friendly communities in the build-up to COP28.

Abdo began his journey in Abu Dhabi on the 25th of November, and completed it by arriving at Expo City Dubai in time for the first day of COP28 without a single charge by utilising Terra’s unique battery-swapping concept.

This initiative, the company said, highlights the motorbike’s durability and the feasibility of its battery swapping to achieve emissions-free rides.

Terra is the first in the region to provide a battery-swapping and recharging platform along with a line-up of electric vehicles, allowing riders to exchange batteries at their extensive network of swapping stations seamlessly while optimising last-mile delivery and promoting environmental sustainability.

Ali Abdo is a sustainability ambassador and environmental activist in the MENA region and holds several world records, including, ‘World’s longest journey on an electric motorcycle’ which he completed in Egypt for his ‘Ride to COP27’ and “The greatest distance on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours”.

Also, he is the first Arab to achieve a Guinness World Record on an electric vehicle.

Commenting on the journey, Husam Zammar, Founder and Managing Director of Terra, said: “As a mobility startup based in the UAE with a revolutionary vision for electric mobility, we are pleased by Abdo’s acceptance of our challenge. We look forward to being a part of Abdo’s continued journey and showcasing the potential of renewable energy in transforming how businesses execute deliveries. We aim to prove how enduring our electric motorbikes and battery-swapping concepts are and to build trust among the general public to facilitate faster adoption of more renewable methods of transport.”

Meanwhile, Ali Abdo commented, “My experience with the Terra electric bike during my journey in the United Arab Emirates was truly remarkable. I did not need to stop to charge throughout the entire trip. This enabled me to cover a greater daily distance and save time that would typically be spent on regular charging operations, thereby emphasizing the importance of transitioning to sustainable transportation to reduce emissions and preserve the environment. My journey to the COP28 conference is part of the ‘The Ride to 2030’ initiative that combines the allure of traveling on electric bikes with awareness-raising activities for sustainable development goals in the MENA region.”

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