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UK-based net zero asset manager HYCAP Group expands to UAE

by Madaline Dunn

HYCAP Group, a UK-based net zero asset management company, has announced the opening of its office in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) to support its strategic expansion to the region.

During Abu Dhabi Finance Week at a private event, HYCAP Group also revealed plans for a UAE-based GCC Fund that will invest in companies serving the net zero energy transition and clean hydrogen supply chain.

HYCAP Group’s said that its entry into the region is “not just timely but critical”.

“With green hydrogen currently representing a small fraction of total hydrogen production, there’s a pressing need for substantial investments in renewable infrastructure and innovative solutions for hydrogen transport and storage,” it said.

Commenting on HYCAP Group’s expansion to the UAE, Arvind Ramamurthy, Chief Market Development Officer, ADGM said: “HYCAP Group’s entry into Abu Dhabi Global Market underscores the capital’s position as a leading centre for climate finance. As we navigate this era of transformation, sustainable development remains at the heart of Abu Dhabi’s economic strategy. Our commitment to integrating clean energy solutions, particularly through the expansion of our low-carbon and green hydrogen capabilities, is unwavering. Initiatives like HYCAP Group’s investment platform are crucial for enhancing Abu Dhabi’s strategic position in the hydrogen sector and setting us on a clear path to become a top global producer.”

HYCAP Group’s investment approach is focused on matching hydrogen supply with emerging demand to foster rapid market growth.

Investing across the hydrogen value chain, HYCAP portfolio companies include: Wrightbus which manufactures EV and Hydrogen Buses; Ryze which transports and distributes green hydrogen; Hygen, a hydrogen production facility; Liquid Wind, a green electrofuel development company; and Yamna, a global green hydrogen platform.

Jo Bamford, Chairman and Founding Partner of HYCAP Group, said: “Our venture into the UAE is a strategic decision to place HYCAP Group at the nexus of the world’s emerging green hydrogen hubs. Under its visionary leadership, the UAE is spearheading the worldwide push towards clean and renewable energy. We are committed to supporting these initiatives by catalysing the hydrogen market. This includes establishing manufacturing clusters that can foster the necessary innovation, collaboration and demand needed for sustainable industrial growth.”

James Munce, CEO of HYCAP Group, added, “Green hydrogen’s potential as a key enabler in decarbonizing sectors like transportation and heavy industry is immense. Our demand-first investment strategy is pivotal for unlocking the hydrogen value chain, paving the way for a sustainable and economically viable hydrogen economy.”

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