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The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an and Department of Municipalities and Transport sign MoU

by Madaline Dunn

The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an and the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi, have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focused on fostering community engagement. 

The two shared the collaboration aims to support the establishment of several parks in various locations across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, along with multiple integrated transportation projects. 

Ma’an continues to leverage social contributions to promote the development of nine community parks in various locations in Abu Dhabi, including Al Falah, Musaffah, and Al Shamkha, with an estimated value of AED 14.5 million, it was shared.  

In addition to the nine community parks in Abu Dhabi, Ma’an will also drive approximately AED 9.1 million in fundraising for the creation of Al Batha Reserve, a community park targeting families in Al Ain, featuring 200-plus retail outlets to support family projects, a walking and cycling track, as well as further family-friendly facilities that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Projects initiated by the Integrated Transport Center aim to support social initiatives and priorities in Abu Dhabi through three key programs, with an approximate value of AED 4.4 million. 

The first of these programs includes the creation and development of Delivery Riders Hubs, designed as comfortable rest areas for delivery bike drivers featuring shaded waiting areas, air conditioning, and drinking water facilities. 

The second, ‘Integrated Taxis’, seeks to increase the number of taxis accessible to people of determination, enhance overall community awareness, and collaborate with relevant authorities to improve transportation services available to people of determination in Abu Dhabi. 

The third project, the Bus Shelters Program, aims to build 30 new bus shelters across the Emirate and improve a number of existing facilities by adding canopies and other features designed to ensure passengers’ comfort and safety and encourage increased use of public transport. 

Ma’an is encouraging financial contributions to drive the initiatives forward, with 100 per cent of fundraising set to be transparently deployed to support programmes addressing causes across various sectors, including infrastructure and social.

His Excellency Dr. Mughir Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi, commented: “The Department of Community Development is keen to improve the quality of life for all individuals in Abu Dhabi, by amplifying the development of an engaged and collaborative community, addressing pressing social priorities and achieving a sustainable positive impact that contributes to the lives of Abu Dhabi communities.

“Since its establishment, The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an has persistently dedicated itself to fostering robust collaborations among public, private, and third sectors, aiming for a unified and cooperative society. This agreement epitomises these continuous efforts, fostering an environment that promotes active lifestyles, strengthens social bonds, and reinforces cohesion. Furthermore, this partnership will bolster social well-being by constructing vital infrastructure that facilitates social engagement and encourages proactive involvement in society, ultimately ensuring sustainable delivery of essential services,” he added.

“At Ma’an, we are committed to fostering an active and responsible society. We prioritise directing financial contributions to support social initiatives that address the key priorities of Abu Dhabi residents, including sports, family cohesion, social inclusion, and various domains such as the environment, health, education, and society. Ma’an gives community members the opportunity to support projects best aligned to their priorities and goals”, said H.E. Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an.

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