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InSinkErator continues fight against food waste with new campaign

by Mohammad Ghazal

InSinkErator, part of the Whirlpool Corporation and the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers for both household and commercial applications, has announced the launch of a massive campaign to raise awareness among society members. It aims to adopt best practices to reduce food waste, one of the main reasons behind global warming.

Through this campaign, the company aims to communicate with the educational community in the country, provide them with food waste disposers and train students on how to use them. It also intends to provide educational and practical sessions by experts to enhance environmental awareness as the future generations are the defenders of preserving the environment. 

InSinkErator also seeks to work with hospitals and provide environment-friendly solutions that reduce food waste in landfills, therefore, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Commenting on this campaign, Mohamed Karam, Senior Business Development Manager at InSinkErator, Middle East and Africa said, “We are collaborating with all our key stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of addressing food waste in appropriate ways that ensure a safe and healthy environment indoors and outdoors.”

“Over the past years, we have launched many awareness campaigns among students, through which we have highlighted the conversion of waste into clean energy. We also partnered with one of the largest culinary institutes in Dubai by equipping them with our latest global solutions for food waste treatment. We also installed solutions related to hot water for cooking and beverage purposes to ensure that users are receiving hot water free of any residues very quickly and from a reliable source,” Karam added.

Karam stressed that the company will fulfil its commitments and will continue to launch more awareness campaigns among students. It will also assist educational and health institutions in managing their daily food waste by sponsoring the installation of food waste treatment solutions in designated places and training students to use them while ensuring that these solutions will improve their operational efficiency

It is worth noting that the food waste treatment solutions offered by InSinkErator reduce the number of household wastes sent to landfills by up to 40 percent and up to 70 percent of the volume of restaurant and hotel waste respectively. It also provides cleaner and more sterilised spaces, as food waste is one of the most prominent sources that produce unpleasant odours and intensifies the spread of germs and harmful bacteria that affects the health of people.

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