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Azelio’s TES.POD system in South Africa approved in inspection by Eskom

by Mohammad Ghazal

South African electricity public utility Eskom has inspected Azelio’s energy storage installation at farming company Wee Bee Ltd. for approval of the system. During the approval inspection, the fulfillment of all technical, safety, and legal requirements in the category of Small-Scale Embedded Generator (SSEG) was confirmed.

The installation has been supplying electricity to the customer’s operation for some time, but before any system is synchronised (or grid-tied) with the Eskom electricity network, it must receive an approval from the national utility. The approval process includes a site inspection, which has now been carried out by a representative of Eskom, with satisfactory result.

The energy system at Wee Bee Ltd. comprises, among other things, Azelio’s TES.PODs (with their common control system), and a solar PV installation charging the TES.POD storage units during daytime.

“This is an important and necessary step for our installation, the first of its kind in South Africa,” says Jonas Wallmander, CEO of Azelio.

“From its inception, the project has been designed to fulfil all requirements, including those of Eskom. Nevertheless, this milestone underlines that our system has been successfully installed and commissioned to meet industry requirements,” adds Jonas Wallmander.

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