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Dubai Municipality organises inaugural Youth Council’s Forum: ‘Together for Sustainability’

by Madaline Dunn

The Youth Council of Dubai Municipality has organised the inaugural edition of the Youth Council’s Forum in collaboration with its strategic partners. 

The forum, held under the theme ‘Together for Sustainability’, was aimed at discussing and assessing the role of the youth in climate action. 

It highlighted solutions that encourage the youth to make efforts to contribute to environmental preservation.

This forum involved all youth councils affiliated with various partners of Dubai Municipality, operating across both public and private sectors. 

The Dubai Youth Council, ENOC Youth Council, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Youth Council, Dubai Culture Youth Council, and the Youth Council of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee, are the councils involving the youth, along with the Youth Council of Dubai Municipality.

The forum’s key objective is to empower and elevate youth engagement in climate-related endeavours that align with the objectives of the ‘Year of Sustainability’ dedicated to the year 2023 and the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The sessions covered a wide range of interactive discussions on the rising effects of climate change on the environment and public health. 

Furthermore, the session focused on the UAE’s local and global endeavours to bolster climate action, promote worldwide energy transition initiatives, and integrate circular economy standards, sustainability practices, and requirements.

The key role of the youth in boosting climate action was discussed during the sessions, as well as the expected nature of their future involvement in advancing climate neutrality, significant challenges they encounter, and key strategies and solutions to mitigate these risks. 

The panel discussions encompassed a range of subjects, such as educating a generation well-versed in sustainability. It aimed at inspiring the youth to participate in the national sustainability agenda and encourage the contribution of the youth councils to attain sustainable national development objectives. 

It further aimed to assess central issues facing today’s youth and implement innovative initiatives to devise solutions that can address these challenges and enhance sustainability in environmental, legislative, and technological avenues.

Youth councils are representative entities for young individuals, with a primary goal of empowering and bolstering their involvement in the country’s social, economic, cultural, and developmental initiatives. These councils serve to express the youth’s thoughts and ambitions in these domains, further promoting engagement in devising innovative solutions to diverse challenges. 

As a result, it empowers them to participate in decision-making and contributes to achieving sustainable development goals.

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