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Over 600 male and female players participate in “Dubai Open Gymnastics Academies Championship”

by Madaline Dunn

Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has announced that “Dubai Open Gymnastics Academies Championship”, will kick off on 24th Nov 2023 with the participation of more than 600 male & female players of various ages & multi-nationalities. 

“Dubai Open Gymnastics Academies Championship” is the first of its kind in Dubai, and organised by STAMINA 11 Academy. According to the organisaers, it aims to enhance the “remarkable efforts, exerted to attract & develop sports talents in the artistic gymnastics sport.”

The Championship’s details were shared in a press conference, convened at DSC’s premises, and addressed by Ahmed Salem Al-Mahri, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC / Farah Shawar, the CEO of STAMINA 11 Academy, in the presence of representatives of participating clubs, sports academies & training centers, specialised gymnastic sport.

Ahmed Al-Mahri commented: “We are pleased to organize Dubai Open Gymnastics Academies Championship, to be held for the first time in the Emirate, as part of Dubai Government Strategy 2033 and according to DSC’s policy to attract & develop sports talents. The Championship is a positive step to support promising talents in this ancient Olympic sport in order to create Olympic champions. We are looking forward to the increase of the numbers of participants in the upcoming editions of the event, in such way that is similar to the initiatives & championships, launched for the academies, as the numbers of participants in each competition have exceeded 5000 persons. This Championship will hopefully be as starting point to establish gymnastics association in the country. The Emirate of Dubai hosts 50 gymnastics academies, and therefore the Gymnastics sport has become the third greatest sport in terms of the numbers of academies”.

He added: “The collaboration with STAMINA 11 Academy is a leading model for cooperation between the public & private sectors to develop the sports sector and to bring joy to all individuals in society. DSC is keen to cement partnership with the private sector. The organization of the Championship contributes to support diversity in sports & enrich the busy list of sports events taking place in Dubai throughout the year”.

Farah Shawer remarked: “I thank DSC toward its successive efforts to develop the sports sector & support gymnastics sport. I also would like to thank the Championship’s sponsors who have remarkably supported the event. We are enthusiastic to launch this Championship which aims to attract & develop sports talents. The three–day Championship will kick off on 24th Nov. with participation of 600 male & female players from 10 various academies, and they will be classified into 6 artistic levels. Participants compete in 8 groups from the age of 6 to 14 years old”.

She added: “The Championship presents a common platform for all gymnastics academies to participate & compete in the event and to provide opportunities for male & female players in academies to show their talents & enrich experiences. The Championship is an eminent stage to popularize & boost the exercise of gymnastics and form new generations of talented male & female players through encouraging them to practice this Olympic sport aiming to create prominent national team to represent the country in international competitions. The Championship also aims to raise the level of gymnastics standard in the country in such way that copes with the well-based infrastructure in Dubai, which is designed in top global levels”.  

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