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Green Research Projects launched by the UAE University

by Madaline Dunn

The UAE University has launched its “Green Research Projects,” aimed at funding and supporting research projects that focus on sustainability and climate change.

The university shared that it has funded 20 research projects set to commence in January 2024.

These projects address sustainability and climate change mitigation and include topics related to technologies of renewable energy technologies, natural resource management, and sustainable agriculture.

The funded projects, it shared, are distributed as ten research projects for the College of Engineering, five research projects for the College of Science, two projects for the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, and one project for each of the College of Information Technology, College of Business & Economics, and College of Law.

Speaking about this, Prof. Ahmed Murad – Associate Provost for Research, said: “Scientific research plays a vital and important role in identifying and understanding the effects of climate change and finding sustainable solutions. The UAE University supports and encourages researchers to make a positive impact that enhances the sustainability of our society and the entire world.”

He added: “The UAE University will continue to strengthen its leadership in scientific research and innovation to achieve sustainable development and support national and global efforts to find innovative solutions to climate change.”

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