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NBK advocates the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign

by Madaline Dunn

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is advocating for the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign, a financial awareness campaign that highlights customers’ rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

The campaign was introduced by the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with local banks and the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA).

It shared that it’s facilitating this through sharing educational content, including posts, news and video clips on all its social media platforms and other digital channels, as well as reposting “Let’s Be Aware” campaign and related CBK’s communications.

The aim of the action is to raise awareness among all segments of society and familiarise them with the various fraudulent schemes and how to steer clear of these attempts.

NBK shared that it calls on the younger generations to protect seniors from electronic fraud due to scammers often targeting retirees and seniors as they might be less familiar with current hacking and scamming trends.

The bank highlighted a number of methods that scammers can use to target individuals, including pretending they are calling to reactivate customers’ blocked cards or to offer lucrative prizes and returns through fake ads. Cloning the bank’s IVR was also listed, as well as impersonating government officers and other fraudulent tactics to steal banking information.

It recommended that younger generations warn seniors about these new methods and how to protect themselves from fraud effectively, including not providing any banking information to anyone and following the security tips the bank shares on all its digital channels.

NBK noted that it will never ask customers for personal information via e-mail, phone calls or SMS, and warned against responding to such scamming messages aiming to obtain their banking information to steal their money or information.

NBK said that it urges customers to adhere to the general security tips and instructions to avoid electronic fraud, reminding them always to change bank card PINs and never share this information with anyone pretending to be calling from the bank.

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