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Whiteshield: The Global Labour Resilience Index (GLRI) 2024

by Madaline Dunn

Whiteshield has released its Global Labour Resilience Index (GLRI) 2024. 

The report sheds light on the nations leading in labour market resilience during this era of the green transition.

Labour market resilience, it notes, is the ability to face and recover from disruptions to the labour market and, it said, is a cornerstone of inclusive and sustainable labour markets. 

The GLRI 2024 quantifies this resilience through both Structural and Cyclical pillars.

It highlighted that the most labour-resilient countries were found to be predominantly European, with Switzerland ranking top, up from second place.

Singapore was found to be the only non-European country that ranked among the leading nations. 

The UAE was highlighted as having the highest labour resilience among Arab countries, while Saudi Arabia was noted to be catching up, which was attributed to the diversification of its economy and efforts to enhance workforce skills.

China and India were noted to face significant challenges. 

In the former, which ranked 36th, green skills were noted to be crucial to meeting job demands and protecting workers during the transition.

In India, coming in at 61st, the report noted that the “extensive shift” toward sustainability requires a policy framework for green jobs and an equitable transition.

Read the full Global Labour Resilience Index 2024 report here.

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