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SunMoney Solar Group forms alliance with DIONE Protocol

by Madaline Dunn

SunMoney Solar Group has announced a collaborative partnership with DIONE Protocol.

The partnership between DIONE Protocol, an emerging name in the blockchain sphere focussed on renewable energy, and SunMoney Solar Group, which runs the world’s largest Community Solar Power Program, aims to explore the possibilities of tokenization within the green energy landscape, it was shared.

One part of this collaboration is the possible deployment of SunMoney’s SDBN tokens on DIONE’s Layer1 Blockchain, ‘Odyssey’.

The SDBN tokens, which are backed by SunMoney Solar Group’s expanding solar energy production capabilities, offer investors the opportunity to put their money into a tangible, enduring asset, it said.

These tokens provide holders with monthly dividends and equip users with immediate access to comprehensive data and analytics.

The SDBN tokens are supported by a “trustworthy guarantor system,” the company said.

According to the two, this initiative could potentially transform the renewable investment space by consolidating clean energy tokenization assets onto a single, secure, and efficient blockchain platform.

The partnership’s initial phase will investigate the possibility of introducing wrapped tokens of SunMoney’s existing tokenization projects, by utilising DIONE’s progressive blockchain technology,

The long-term strategy of this partnership includes exploring dedicated solar tokenization projects on the Odyssey Blockchain.

Commenting on the partnership, Zoltan Rendes, Chief Marketing Officer, and Partner at SunMoney Solar Group, said: “SunMoney Solar Group is dedicated to exploring new ways to make solar energy more accessible and profitable. Our partnership with DIONE Protocol is a promising opportunity to leverage their advanced clean energy blockchain technology and explore the capabilities of our SDBN tokens. We’re enthusiastic about the benefits this collaboration could bring to our clients and the wider renewable space.”

“A partnership with SunMoney Solar Group presents an exciting opportunity for DIONE Protocol. By pooling our blockchain knowledge with SunMoney’s solar energy resources and innovative approach, we hope to seek new ways of producing, distributing, and consuming clean energy,” added a representative from DIONE Protocol.

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