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‘Count Your ne’ma’ Ramadan campaign launched by ne’ma

by Madaline Dunn

ne’ma, the UAE National Food Loss and Waste Initiative, has announced the launch of its nationwide Ramadan campaign, “Count Your ne’ ma.”

The initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage actionable steps to reduce food loss and waste during the holy month.

The month-long campaign follows insights recently collected by ne’ma, which found that 85 per cent of participants recognise food waste as a crucial national issue.

Research also shows that, globally, roughly eight per cent of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are linked to food waste.

Key elements of the “Count Your ne’ma” campaign include behaviour change initiatives to drive new social norms and sustainable practices on the individual level.

It will be supported by collaboration with hospitality industry partners, regulatory bodies, and food banks to distribute imperfect surplus fresh produce to support communities, prevent food waste, and contribute to food security.

It shared that over 270 sector partners are registered and reporting data on the ne’ma Data Hub, including leading hotel chains Hilton, Accor, Rotana, Marriott, and Jumeirah, among others.

This year, ne’ma and the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Safety Authority (ADAFSA) are strategically collaborating on the “Together Blessings Last” Ramadan trial for the hospitality sector.

The trial aims to measure and report actual food waste levels during Ramadan and identify Ramadan-specific behaviours to establish recommendations. Indeed, from this, a comprehensive trial report will be published highlighting sector-specific Ramadan challenges and best practices, and “industry champions” will be recognised.

Khuloud Hasan Al Nuwais, Chief Sustainability Officer of Emirates Foundation and “ne’ma” Committee Secretary General, commented: “Count Your ne’ma” is a call to action for individuals, businesses, government entities, and communities to unite and make a difference. Through simple changes in behaviours and mindful consumption practices, we can all play a role in ending food waste.”

Adding: “ne’ma reflects the UAE leadership’s vision and call to action to reduce food waste, encourage social responsibility, and promote sustainable practices. As we observe Ramadan, we must be mindful of the significant food waste issue that’s often associated with the holy month. Our ‘Count Your ne’ma’ campaign reminds us of our collective responsibility to reflect and replace existing wasteful habits with others that are more aligned with the Emirati values of moderation, consideration, and mindfulness. We invite everyone to join our movement and work towards making the UAE a country where no food is wasted because we can all contribute to this ambitious effort.”

Hundreds of organisations have signed the ne’ma pledge, and in 2023, ne’ma diverted over one million kgs of food from landfills, saving 2.4 million kgs of CO2 emissions.

Further, since 2022, the application of ne’ma’s behavioural nudges has resulted in an up to 62 per cent reduction in food waste.

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