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ACCIONA organises roundtable for sustainable solutions for water desalination in Qatar

by Madaline Dunn

ACCIONA recently organised a roundtable discussion titled “Exploring Sustainable Solutions for Water Desalination in Qatar.” 

Held on February 28th 2024, the roundtable was the first such event in Qatar, bringing together experts and stakeholders to discuss advancements and future directions in water desalination.

Qatar, like other countries in the MENA is currently grappling with increasing water scarcity challenges, and has turned to Reverse Osmosis desalination as a key strategy for securing potable water.

It was shared that since 2016, reverse osmosis plants have played a crucial role in Qatar’s water infrastructure. 

Manuel Manjón, CEO of ACCIONA’s water business, commented: “Today’s discussions have not only highlighted the critical role of Reverse Osmosis desalination in Qatar’s water security strategy but also underscored the importance of continuous innovation and international cooperation in pursuing sustainable water solutions. ACCIONA is proud to be at the forefront of this journey, contributing to Qatar’s vision of a water-secure future.”

A roundtable titled: “7 years of Large scale Desalination by Reverse Osmosis in Qatar”, was also held, where Jamal al Khalid, CEO of Umm Al Houl Desalination Plant, Mubarak Al Nasr, CEO of Ras Abu Fontas Desalination Plant and Fernando Cortabitarte, Water Cycle Director at ACCIONA, discussed the strategic significance of RO desalination in Qatar. 

In the discussion, RO technology was highlighted for its capability to meet large-scale water production demands and its adaptability to Qatar’s evolving environmental and sustainability goals. 

On the closing day on February 29th at the 2023 Expo site, ACCIONA’s presentations were led by Juan Manuel Vazquez (Water for agriculture dept.) and Dr. Ana Jiménez Banzo, Head of Innovation MGT & Technology, who shared perspectives on the future of water sustainability in arid regions like Qatar. 

The two highlighted ongoing efforts to innovate and address operational challenges in desalination plants.

Further, Dr. Jimenez Banzo explained ACCIONA’s research-driven approach, citing the development of advanced reverse osmosis membranes and energy-efficient technologies. 

ACCIONA’s participation in the Expo concluded with a discussion on the importance of collaboration and innovation in ensuring a sustainable water future for arid regions.

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