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SharpMinds Consulting Engineers officially launches in UAE

by Madaline Dunn

SharpMinds Consulting Engineers, an engineering and architectural solutions provider, has officially launched in the UAE. 

It was shared that the company, which specialises in architecture, engineering, interior design, project management, and urban planning, focuses on healthcare, commercial, residential, and urban development projects, driven by sustainable, human-centred designs. 

“SharpMinds Consulting Engineers is not just another firm; it’s a linkage of innovation and sustainability aimed at enriching communities through thoughtful design and engineering to make a lasting impact,” commented stated Amir H. Greiss, Founder and CEO of SharpMinds. 

Adding: “Our vision aligns seamlessly with the UAE’s commitment to sustainable development and architectural excellence. We are excited to contribute to the nation’s growth with our forward-thinking approaches and internationally recognized expertise.”

The company’s senior leadership team has 70 years of combined local and international experience, with a diverse experience encompassing involvement in high-profile projects and collaborations with entities such as the Ministry of Health and Prevention, TAMM, Department of Health, SEHA- Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services, and PureHealth.

“By challenging conventional limits and incorporating resilient, sustainable practices, our multidisciplinary approach not only advances the frontier of architecture and engineering but also enhances connectivity, livability, and efficiency, setting new standards for the industry and client experience,” added Greiss.

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