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Hassan Allam Construction Saudi Signs Contract for Primary Coral Nursery

by Madaline Dunn

Hassan Allam Construction Saudi and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have announced the signing of a construction works contract for the Primary Coral Nursery within the KAUST Coral Restoration Initiative. The initiative is the world’s largest coral reef restoration effort in partnership with NEOM, located at Haddah Beach, North of Saudi Arabia.

The scope of work encompasses the construction of the primary coral nursery and external infrastructure works, with the land-based coral nursery set to house around 400 tanks and the latest coral propagation technologies. 

The project aims to preserve, restore, and enhance the Red Sea’s natural coral ecosystems, starting with a 100-hectare reefscape near Shushah Island. 

Hassan Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Holding, said: “Our collaboration with KAUST is a true testament to the power of partnership and collective action in addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time.”

Allam said that as the world’s largest coral restoration effort, the initiative not only aims to restore and protect marine environments but also serves as a model for sustainable conservation efforts.

Dr. Ian Campbell, KAUST Vice President of the National Transformation Institute (NTI), commented: “Today marks a pivotal moment in the journey to build the world’s largest coral reef restoration initiative. This ambitious program aims to preserve, restore and enhance 100 hectares of vibrant coral ecosystem in the Red Sea, and serve as a beacon of hope for coral conservation efforts globally. 

“We look forward to completing the construction of the land-based facilities of the project in partnership with Hassan Allam.”

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