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NBK Forms Strategic Partnership with the Future Investment Initiative Institute

by Madaline Dunn

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII Institute) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at fostering growth and driving innovation in investment within the region and beyond.

Musaad AlSudairy, CEO of NBK Wealth KSA, said that the strategic alliance will empower its clients globally and “catalyse sustainable development.” 

“Together, we are not only investing in a brighter future but also unlocking new pathways for innovation, growth, and community prosperity,” said AlSudairy.

Adding: “This partnership to address key global issues aligns perfectly with NBK’s commitment to creating meaningful impact. Collectively, we will explore actionable solutions of the future, reinforcing our shared dedication to a sustainable and prosperous future.”

Anas AlUbaid, GM of NBK KSA, outlined that by aligning efforts, the two aim to leverage their combined expertise to “generate insights and solutions” to drive sustainable growth and “improve lives” worldwide. 

“This partnership represents a significant step towards creating a more resilient and equitable future, benefiting not only our clients but also the global community,” commented AlUbaid. 

Richard Attias, CEO of FII Institute, added: “The deployment of strategic capital plays a crucial role in addressing the most pressing global challenges. Our collaboration with NBK represents a convergence of expertise and resources, advancing our collective mission to drive positive change and develop innovative solutions through our initiatives and programs.”

FII Institute is a global non-profit foundation with an investment arm centred around “Impact on Humanity” and focuses on four areas:

  • Education
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics,
  • Healthcare, and 
  • Sustainability.

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