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Lush Cosmetics UAE, The Waste Lab Launch Composting Initiative

by Madaline Dunn

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics (UAE) has announced a partnership with The Waste Lab, a women-led start-up in Dubai, specialising in transforming food scraps and leftovers from hotels, businesses, restaurants, and communities into compost.

Together, the two are launching a new composting initiative, with Lush’s manufacturing hub in Jebel Ali, Dubai, utilising The Waste Lab’s composting solutions to manage all food and compostable scraps that are generated.

Lush shared that it uses fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs as the basis for many of its products.

Commenting on the composting initiative, Anita Baker, Managing Director – Lush MENA, said: “We were ecstatic to find a partner like The Waste Lab, a company that aligns with our vision for a circular economy. Turning what is essentially waste destined for landfill into a valuable resource to support the growth of plants and food in the local community.

“Sustainability is simply not enough, regenerative practices, circulative practices, and permaculture are all needed to leave the world lusher than we found it!”

Lara Hussein, Co-founder & CEO – The Waste Lab, commented: “Our collaboration at the Lush manufacturing hub in Jebel Ali exemplifies how innovative and nature-based waste management can transform food scraps into valuable compost.”

Hussein explained that the compost will reduce waste while supporting local farms by enriching the soil and fostering regenerative agriculture.

“The compost produced through this partnership is currently being used for R&D purposes to create compost mixes that support local farms, enhance soil quality, and promote regenerative agricultural practices. This initiative underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and increased food security and aligns with the UAE’s goal of achieving zero landfill waste by 2050,” added Hussein.

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