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Partanna and KAUST Form R&D Partnership for CO2 Removal

by Madaline Dunn

Materials science company Partanna Global and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have announced a research and development partnership focused on CO2 removal. Over the course of 12 months, the partnership will see Partanna integrate its concrete formula with KAUST’s Direct Air Capture (DAC).

Partanna uses a binder made from recycled materials, including brine, instead of Portland Cement and is cured at room temperature. Through initiating a chemical reaction, Partanna’s binder contains compounds that react with and then absorb atmospheric CO2 molecules.

According to the company, the new partnership with the Saudi university aims to enhance the carbon removal capacity of its concrete and expand the understanding of the environmental impacts.

Indeed, the built environment accounts for around 40 per cent of global emissions, and in 2022, the building sector’s energy consumption reached over a third of global demand. With such a huge environmental footprint, achieving a net zero built environment is crucial to realising 2050 climate goals. However, half of the buildings that will exist by 2050 have not yet been built, meaning that, as construction expands, there is a chance to change course.

According to Mohamed Eddaoudi, a Professor of Chemistry at KAUST, the concrete that is produced using Partanna’s process can be considered “carbon negative.”

“We have been engaged with Partanna for quite some time and have been impressed by their innovation. We now hope to augment the environmental benefits we know Partanna’s formula delivers by integrating KAUST’s DAC technology alongside it. We are excited to accelerate the development of more efficient sustainable construction materials that capture CO2, showcasing a proactive approach to climate change mitigation,” added Eddaoudi.

In addition to the new partnership, Partanna recently completed a test run at SRM, where the company showcased the integration of its carbon-negative binder with existing concrete manufacturing processes.

Rick Fox, CEO of Partanna Global, commented: “This partnership is all about amplifying what we do best – advancing materials to advance society – and in the case of our concrete, turning buildings into structures that heal, rather than harm, our natural environment. By working with KAUST to optimize our already carbon negative concrete formula, we’re continuing to build the case for changing the way the world builds.”

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