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ZzzQuil Raises Awareness of Sleep Health Importance in Saudi Arabia

by Madaline Dunn

ZzzQuil NATURA has announced a partnership with pharmacies across Saudi Arabia to raise awareness of the importance of sleep health with an in-pharmacy activation.

According to a Toluna qualitative survey conducted with over 400 consumers in Saudi Arabia, around two in three experience sleeplessness, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, and waking up tired in the morning.

Commenting on the initiative, Tarek Abdelaziz, ZzzQuil NATURATM Brand Leader and Vice President, said: “Recognizing the important role pharmacies play as the first point of contact for consumers seeking healthcare guidance, we were pleased to collaborate with pharmacies across this country to create this highly visible and engaging to encourage consumers to learn more about sleep, understand signs of sleep deprivation and take appropriate action.”

Dr. Nevin Zeki, Professor of Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine at Mansour University Egypt, ESRS Somnologist, and World Sleep Day Coordinator for the Middle East, added: “A good quality sleep is a critical pillar of health, like nutrition and physical activity. It helps support memory and learning, brain health, immunity and helps maintain our bodies and energy levels. What is also important to note is that efficient sleep is not only about how many hours at night but also sleep quality continuity, and depth of sleep are crucial.”

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